Every so often, I try to convince myself that staying grounded is a good thing. I then tell myself that I’ve seen enough of the world and now I should live a more “settled” life.

But then…something happens. I’ll see a picture on Instagram or Pinterest and that wanderlust feeling begins to stir. I caught the travel bug early in life and it hasn’t left me yet.

I consider myself VERY fortunate. I’ve traveled to places many people only dream about. I love revisiting places to discover something new that I missed the previous time. However, the world is one BIG-ASS planet and there are “corners” of it I still need to encounter.

So without further adieu, these are my top 20 places I want to visit in the next ten years.

Hike Patagonia

Travel to South America has always been on my radar but for some reason, I haven’t been able to fit it in as much as I would like. This is about to change. My top destination in the next ten years is Patagonia. I know it is huge and will involve a lot of planning but it will be worth it to get to the end of the world.


Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

My stepfather always had a stack of National Geographic Magazines on the living room table. I devoured those magazines every chance I got. One particle edition had an article about Machu Picchu in it. I was hooked. “Someday,” my nine-year-old-self said, “I will hike the Inca Trail.”


Stare Down the Giant Heads on Easter Island

These mysterious, intriguing, and ancient giant heads have invited visitors from far away lands to see them in person. A visit in the near future is definitely on my bucket list.


Understand Darwin in the Galapagos

I am a total Science Geek! I wear that crown with dignity. As such, the Galapagos Islands have fascinated me for many years. My camera is ready for animal encounters of the unique kind!


Witness the Beauty of Petra, Jordan

I didn’t know about Petra until I saw Indiana Jones. You might remember the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery arrive on horseback gazing in awe upon the treasury as they search for the Holy Grail. Well, I may not find the Holy Grail here but I’m willing to try nonetheless.


Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia, Turkey

Exotic Cappadocia is best seen from the air. A hot air balloon ride here is sure to create memories to last a lifetime.


Be in Awe at the Temples of Angor Wat

Laura Croft may have been here to search for an ancient artifact from her enemy, the Illuminati. I on the other hand, will be here to search for spiritual enlightenment. The Temples of Angor is high on the list for many travellers to Asia and for good reason. All one has to do is look at the pictures.


Find my Spiritual Center at Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru) dominates many photos of Australia. This giant sandstone monolith is sacred to the indigenous people of Australia. It looks spectacular in pictures. I can only imagine what it will look like in person.


Visit a Monastery in Meteora, Greece

I have visited Greece on several occasions but have not been able to visit the Monasteries of Meteora. This needs to change.


Climb to the Top of Skellig Island

Like Greece, I’ve visited Ireland several times but due to weather conditions making travel difficult, Skellig Island has always been so close but yet so far.


Witness the Glow of the Glow Worms in New Zealand

Seeing worms are not often a hot topic when it comes to bucket list places. Seeing glow worms in a cave in New Zealand takes “worminess” to a new level.

Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Africa

Breakfast with Giraffes? YES! A stay at this hotel will help create such amazing memories!


Become a Beach Bum in Seychelles

Some of my dearest childhood friends call Seychelles their second home. Their pictures on Facebook always make me green with envy (in a good way). One day, I’m going to stowaway in their suitcase on their next trip to Seychelles.


Cruise to Antarctica

Visiting all seven continents would be a dream come true! Antarctica is the hardest continent to reach but I’m up for the challenge.


Swim with Pigs in Exuma, Bahamas

Inhabiting the island of Big Major Cay, a small population of swimming pigs has been luring travellers, like myself, to this island in the Bahamas for years.


See the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Located in Abu Dhabi, this grand mosque is absolutely stunning! Every picture I see, every video I watch, every article I read, pulls my wanderlust to visit this magical desert palace.


Safari Tour in the Deserts of Dubai

I read Lawrence of Arabia as a young teen and I envisioned myself trekking through the desert on the back of a camel. With greater age and wisdom, I am now more inclined to travel there in a little more luxury. There are numerous reasons to visit Dubai. High on the list of reasons is a safari trek through the desert.


Fly First Class

I can’t imagine how many hours I have spent in the air or how many miles I’ve logged yet I still have not flown first class anywhere. My dream first class flight would be on Emirates Airline. Hopefully someday, when I have enough air miles on Emirates, I will get the chance to fulfill this bucket list item.


Hug a Koala

I had a stuffed koala bear as a kid. I named him Bob. He was a good companion when the dark scared me. Now, I would love the opportunity to hug the real Bob.


Float in the Dead Sea in Israel

The Dead Sea is called the Salt Sea. With 33.7% salinity, the Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water on our planet. Because of this, visitors from around the world visit this unique location to float away an afternoon.


I am reminded every day of how short our time here on this planet is. Every day is a blessing. For me, life is not meant to be solely spent in one place. The world is waiting. What is your top bucket list destination?

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